Our team
We are a multidisciplinary team of professionals specializing in Human Resources and we are enthusiastic about satisfying our clients’ highest service standards.
We are accompanied by an excellent team of professionals specialized in Payroll Accounting and Personnel Management. We invest in continuous training and keep up-to-date with legal and labor affairs.
Edith Pecci
Edith Pecci
MBA, Bachelor of Science in Labor Relationships and Drama Teacher; passionate globetrotter. She has worked since 2004 in HR consulting.

Specialized in payment management systems: compensations, benefits, incentive plans and organizational structures. Has worked at Price Waterhouse Coopers, Caesar Park, McDonald’s, PayRoll Argentina and De Diego y Asociados Law Firm.

Graduate programs Lecturer.

In the academic field, she designed and coordinated a Diploma Program in Senior Hotel Management at CENCAP (Professional Training Institute).

A former Lecturer in the following subjects: Organizational Development and HR Management; she was a guest Lecturer at Graduate courses in HR at different private Universities.

Edith provided counseling in start-up and reengineering processes at high-end hotels.

Along with Mariela Baró, she set up and opened the Outsourcing business division of one of the main companies in the field, before it was acquired by a global BPO.

Active participant of professional businessmen and entrepreneurs associations.

A member of IDEA PyME Committee.
Mariela Baró
Mariela Baró
National Public Accountant and saxophonist.

She has specialized since 1995 in Personnel Management and Payroll Accounting processes, working in well-known companies in different fields and collective bargaining agreements.

She gained professional expertise at Price WaterHouse Cooper, Hilton Buenos Aires, Payroll Argentina and LAN Argentina.
Expert in Income Tax, 4th. category.

Along with Edith Pecci, she set up and opened the Outsourcing business division of one of the main companies in the field, before it was acquired by a global BPO.

She takes an active part in specialist groups dealing with Payments and she is a constant source of counseling for different technical and professional areas.

She is a lecturer at different specialization courses within her area of expertise.

She is a mentor for the “Sí, pueden” program, run by SI Foundation.
Hernán Jara
Hernán Jara
Attorney specializing in Labor Law, Graduate degree in Business Development, Negotiation and Executive Coaching; passionate about good music.

He has worked for more than 25 years at leading multinational and local companies. A former HR Manager at Aerolíneas Argentinas, Cencosud, LAN Argentina and Hilton Buenos Aires. An expert in HR strategies, labor relationships and negotiation. Lecturer at graduate programs and Business Schools.

He led start-ups for new businesses, merging processes as well as purchases and organizational transformations, both in Argentina and abroad.

He designed and implemented HR strategies for many international companies, developing management practices applied internationally.

He carried out negotiations with labor unions by company and by activity (as a representative for business chambers) within strictly-regulated businesses with complex labor-union environments.

2006 Executive of the Year Award winner, granted by El Cronista in view of the HR management in a high-complexity labor-union environment.

2003 IDELAS-UCES Award winner, in view of his HR development activity within the “Big Businesses” category, in Hilton Buenos Aires.

A former member of the jury at the 2010 Competencia Nacional de Equipos (National Team Contest), National Quality Award — American Society for Quality — IPACE. An active participant in the academic field, as a guest at Universities, Business Schools and Professional Conventions.